Welcome to the Etchingham Neighbourhood Plan

Etchingham, along with many other towns and villages in England, is taking the opportunity given by the Localism Act of 2011 to have a genuine influence on the future development of our own community by creating a Neighbourhood Plan which will carry full legal status once it is made (adopted).

Working in close cooperation with the District Planners but always with the best interests of Etchingham and its future at heart, the Steering Committee (SC) agreed by the Parish Council; is predominantly made up of volunteers.  The SC is made up of volunteers from within the village including some councillors.  The SC is beginning the exciting work of finding out what Etchingham wants and needs, and how best to achieve that, both short and long term.

A detailed Questionnaire is being completed by every resident and local business that wishes to do so and this will be just the start of creating the right Focus Groups to concentrate on the issues that are important to the community, as well as gathering the evidence and presenting it properly and professionally back to the community for consultation.

This doesn’t work without input from everyone in the village, so no matter how much or how little time there is to spare – get involved – even if it is only by making sure you get the Questionnaire back in on time!
Each step of this process will be supported by expert advice but make no mistake this will be the Etchingham Plan created by Etchingham for Etchingham.

March 2017