July Update

21st July 2017

Etchingham Neighbourhood Plan

If you missed the meeting last Saturday morning on the Neighbourhood Plan this doesn’t mean that you can’t still make your voice heard. The meeting was presented with the Summary of the Questionnaire recently circulated to everyone in the village. Following those results the Vision for the Plan has been drafted along with Objectives for each of the Focus Groups so that evidence gathering can progress.

We need your comments too. The Summary of the results of the Questionnaire is available by clicking on the link below or together with an explanatory document on how the Steering Committee arrived at the draft Vision and Objectives which are available from paulette.etchinghampc@gmail.com. Once you have had a chance to digest these you will also have been sent the Consultation form with the other information so you can complete and return – either by email to paulette.etchinghampc@gmail.com or drop into the Parish Office (or the grey post box just outside the main double doors if closed).

The deadline for returning these is Saturday 12th August.

Let us know what you think. This is another important step towards a robust and successful Neighbourhood Plan, please do try and find the time to get back to us.

Etchingham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Committee

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